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In 1972 Robert Pickle left home in Alabama at 15 years of age, hitch-hiked his way to Texas began his career in the South Texas Oil Patch. Mr. Pickle worked the field during the Carter years and oilfield bust, roaming from Drilling Company to Drilling Company, gaining experience on every OEM manufactured Drilling Equipment, gaining vast knowledge of every type of Drilling Rig equipment  and Geological formation.  

 At 18, Mr. Pickle went to work for Penrod Drilling Company of Dallas Texas. Worked derricks, and within a Year during pre-boom period, the Drilling heads of Penrod put Mr. Pickle to drilling as a driller. Within a two and a half years to Pushing Tools/ Rig Management on a New 1625 National AC/DC land Drilling Rig in South Louisiana, from that time through the years Mr. Pickle sought higher education in the Petroleum industry and worked for several major Drilling Contractors in both the domestic and international fields.  



Mr. Pickle has worked in South America, Africa and the Middle East in Drilling Management.

 Mr. Pickle Worked as liaison Project Manager to the KOC during the well extinguishing in Kuwait after the first gulf war. And set at the “Round Table” of strategic well control and extinguishing in daily planning, as well as manage the deep water well drilling for the cooling of equipment and men who extinguished the wells, such as the famous fire fighters Red Adair, Boot & Coots and safety Boss of Canada.   

A Noon day in Kuwait, 1991, Dead Iraqi Tanks strolled everywhere

In 1994, exhausted from Traveling, and the down turn in the oil and gas Industry, Mr. Pickle decided to change career, and founded an Incorporation in the State of Alabama to sell Wholesale Merchandise, to the Domestic & International market.

Mr. Pickle developed International Marketing and research development strategy, Global Internet Marketing ability, Computer technology communications skills within his incorporation and created an edge of competition in a market which normally did not use current technology. 

In 2006, with the rise of Crude Prices, Mr. Pickle realized that the International Drilling demand would increase as was the case in the boom of the eighties. 

Mr. Pickle realized that the demand for Drilling Rigs and Equipment and the lack of Manufacturers, would cause a shortage of Drilling Rigs and Equipment, and would be an opportunity to serve the demand. So in 2006 Mr. Pickle formed VariDrill Drilling Rig & Equipment Company to meet the demand and supply drilling rigs and related equipment. 

In 2007 VariDrill Drilling Rig & Equipment Company formed an alliance with the Rig Builder, drilling Contractor,  to offer his expertise in the drilling industry.

In 2008 Mr. Pickle returned to the ME, working as Senior Rig Manager for ARAMCO

Robert with valuable Saudi International crew

H2S Drill

Robert With Ton Martono HSE Advisor

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We pride ourselves in service and sales in an ethical business relationship, with our clients and prospective clients.

We welcome you to "Experience", as we welcome your "Experience" and "professionalism", with due respect.



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